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Air Cargo Security

Our air cargo security specialist is a former Transport Canada Aviation Security Inspector previously assigned to Canada’s Air Cargo Security Program from its inception as a pilot project in 2006 until 2014. West Point Terminal is recognized by Transport Canada’s Air Cargo Security Program as a “Certified Agent” authorizing us to operate within Canada’s Air Cargo Secure Supply Chain providing warehousing and ground transportation services to Air Cargo Security Program Participants.

West Point Terminal maintains an Air Cargo Security Plan which meets or exceeds Transport Canada’s Air Cargo Security Program Requirements. We are subject to government oversight through Air Cargo Security Program Audits and Inspection activities. Assures our commitment to facility security, personnel security, chain of custody, training and verification screening excellence.

trusted & Trained staff

Our employees are designated as Authorised Cargo Representatives (ACRs) in accordance with Transport Canada’s Air Cargo Security Program requirements which involves, among other things, a background check to ensure the employee is not a threat to aviation security. West Point Terminal ACR employees receive initial and recurrent air cargo security training.


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