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West Point Terminal Inc. is conveniently located close to YVR Airport. Our Air Cargo Security specialist is a former Transport Canada Aviation Security Inspector previously assigned to Canada’s Air Cargo Security Program. WPT is recognized by Transport Canada’s Air Cargo Security Program as a “Regulated Agent” authorizing WPT to operate within Canada’s Air Cargo Secure Supply Chain. WPT maintains an Air Cargo Security Plan which meets or exceeds Transport Canada’s Air Cargo Security Program requirements. We are subject to government oversight through Air Cargo Security Program audits and inspection activities. This assures our commitment to facility security, personal security, chain of custody, training and verification screening excellence.


*News Alert* – West Point Terminal Inc. and Canadian K9 Collaborate to provide air cargo screening.

West Point Terminal Inc and Canadian K9 are pleased to announce their collaboration to deliver premium cargo screening through the use of trained explosive detection K9 teams.  This business alliance ensures the security and integrity of the air cargo secure supply chain, together we will ensure Vancouver International Airport (YVR) has a dedicated K9 screening facility, as well as mobile K9 screening capability ensuring quick and efficient security screening to all cargo passing through the warehouse.  Moreover, it also provides additional K9 screening capability to all WPT customers and any other entities operating at the YVR Vancouver International Air Cargo Village.

CBSA - Partners in Protection (PIP) Designated

Transport Canada - Regulated Agent - Secure Supply Chain

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